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Teatox High Quality Tea

Teatox is built with Passion

We put a lot of time into the development of each product, use only the finest ingredients, and work with companies that match our philosophy.


Michael and Felix have been friends since their school days.
 They discovered their interest in tea during a joint exchange in Asia.
 In Germany, where a strong tea culture never really properly took off, and dust seemed to gather in tea bags, the two were constantly on the lookout for new and exciting tea compositions. Later, Michael studied in Taiwan where he was given the opportunity to obtain deep insight into traditional Asian tea culture and the natural effects of tea with the help of a Zen Buddhist monk. Felix, on the other hand, kept himself awake in Argentina with Mate tea.
Impressed by the versatility and the wide range of ways to use tea as well as the associated preparations rituals for each of them, the two decided to start a tea brand after their studies. The focus was to be on both the various powerful effects as well as the special moments of enjoying tea. TEATOX was the result, and it represents high quality organic teas with particular effects.



We trust in the health benefits of natural ingredients and share the belief that human well-being comes from the harmony of body, mind, and soul. To transfer this philosophical quest to the modern day, we took on the challenge and developed products that meet this goal. Our guiding principle is to contribute to a healthier lifestyle through the natural power of our teas. But we are aware that sustainable effects are difficult to achieve solely through a drink. For this reason we are developing specific applications for each of our teas for everyday life in order to support you even more effectively in living a healthy and fulfilling life.



Developed with experts

At the beginning of each TEATOX tea, we consider exactly what need the tea should fulfil and at what moment it should be drunk. Then we sit down with nutritionists, naturopaths, and tea experts to find the optimal composition.

Certified Organic

The high quality of our products is our priority, which is why all our teas are 100% natural and have been awarded the German and European organic seal.